Questions about Pre-Sale of a Home

Selling your house requires considerations of various factors and requires a lot of planning as it is a major emotional and financial task. The following are the four basic questions which must be considered before you plan to put your home on the open market:

What is Net Value of My Home?

Various factors are involved in terms of determining your home’s net value in the market. It usually involves the location of your house, square footage, amenities, property condition and most recent proportionate property sales. You may know about your house’s current net value by contacting me for a free (CMA) comparative market analysis. By hiring a competent Realtor (like myself) along with a free CMA I’ll prepare what’s called a “sellers net sheet”. This financial form will give you an idea of how much equity is in your home and how much your profit would be at the closing of your home.

How Can I Receive Maximum Price Possible by Selling my Home?

You may increase your home’s value by performing various low-cost simple things such as cleaning and washing your house’ walls and windows, removing clutter and installing high voltage bulbs to create a more luminous environment. In terms of a larger project’s you can renovate your house’s bathrooms and kitchens which usually increases sales price substantially. Furthermore, arranging your home in a way to create a reflection in the buyers’ mind about using their new space may also prove useful.

For What Duration Will My House be on the Market?

The duration until your house remains in the market depends upon various factors which may include your house’s location, aggressive marketing of your house and the price competitiveness of your house. As per the Statistics, an offer must come within the first 30 days if your home is appropriately priced. The Research analysis signifies the fact that well-priced houses can sell 32 percent times more quickly as compared to houses that are overpriced.

How An Agent Can Help Me?

You should acquire the services of a real estate agent which greatly help you with all aspects of the selling process. The agent may help you in pricing, marketing, and all the way up until the management of closing complications. An agent may prove helpful in terms of attaining best possible price for you by ensuring the most possible instant sale and will perform negotiations on your behalf.

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