A Perfect Location

Your lifestyle is dependent on where you live. It determines your living and reveals your future and the present value of your home. Prior to identifying the location specifications will allow your agent to conduct a thorough home search that fit your needs and preferences. We have made you a checklist which will help you to communicate your preferred requirements to your agent:

  • Commutation time.
  • Rural, Urban or Suburban.
  • Desirable neighborhoods.
  • Access to public transport and highways.
  • Access to shopping areas, airport.
  • Parks retail and restaurants.
  • Access to hospitals and healthcare.
  • Time plan to live in your home (you must give an idea to your agent for your future plans and to help him identify your projections).

Some of the most wanted locations are those with high home values and are situated with the following:

High-rated School Districts - Households with children prefer homes that are near the school district so that they must not compromise on their children’s education.

Nature and Nurture - Natural scenery, parks, hills, rivers or parks add up to the current value of the home location. This is because they help people to have access to natural resources.

Attractive Views - Homes that are closer to attractive and beautiful views are likely having more worth that are in suburban areas. The reason behind this cost is that people can view the beautiful views from their home windows without spending their dollars on travelling.

Shopping and Entertainment - Homes located near movie theatres, shopping and other entertaining places cost much higher as those homes located near residential areas. This reduces their travelling costs and can avail these entertaining facilities just a walk away.

Conformed Areas - People sharing similar views and values that are reflected in their housing styles are likely to influence other people. Buyer preferably goes around with people and place that are of similar types as per their age and construction for a living.

Healthcare, Jobs and Public Transportation - People are profound with locations that have great access to public transport and avoid to locate around areas that require long commutes. Buyers are intended to locate around hospitals, airports and their work places to shorten their travelling time.

In the heart of the Street - Every buyer wish to have a home within the heart of the street, but some buyers wish to but the corner -home. Home Buyers preferring the middle of the street want to feel less vulnerable.

Neighbourhoods that are economically stable - Maintaining home value is the key concern when searching for a home. Most of the time, homes stood against poor weathered and economic conditions attract buyers.